Do leos like the feel of wood?

2022.01.28 21:23 Steam_Drunk Do leos like the feel of wood?

My leos enclosure is made out of wood to start off with and he’s completely dug the substrate (waiting to get more) in one particular corner. This corner is where he almost exclusively states and just sits there.
I’m just wondering if anyone else’s leo does this with a wood frame for enclosure or if it’s something I’m doing wrong.
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2022.01.28 21:23 Flixstikcom AAA game SURVIVAL ISLAND
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2022.01.28 21:23 flappingmeat Anti-vaccine Canada truckers roll toward Ottawa, praised by Tesla's Musk

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2022.01.28 21:23 CoolBeans42700 Howcome when I "ambush" a party I end up with MY PARTY split in 3 different areas across the map, all isolated?

Title. I'm literally at a fuckin disadvantage ambushing BOARS because the game throws my entire team all over the map
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2022.01.28 21:23 NewsElfForEnterprise All of Maluma’s Videos With More Than 1 Billion Views: ‘Felices Los 4,’ ‘El Perdedor’ & More

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2022.01.28 21:23 biosicc Akatli - Confusing "Minimalized" Verb Affixes

As Akatli evolved from the mother language of Raaritli, one of the more important changes made is how the language affixes its verbs. While an experience speaker in Akatli can detect all the necessary syntactical information, new speakers of Akatli will often struggle with how to formulate verbs. This is in part due to the "Minimalization" of affixes, where all Raaritli affixes are stripped down to their barest phonological parts (usually a single consonant or vowel), thus making a single CVC syllable containing at most 5 pieces of grammatical information!
In Raaritli and Akatli, verbs are formed when a root word is affixed with verbal information. The order of affixes is as follows, with all affixes in brackets ( [] ) being optional:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Function [Dependent clause / Subjunctive] [Imperative] [Negation] [Nominative] [Directional] [Accusative] Tense Aspect [Modal] [Root negation]
Note: the imperative marker and the subjunctive / dependent clause markers cannot be used simultaneously.
All Raaritli affixes have a syllable structure of CV, VC or CVC - thus there isn't much issue with determining which affix is being used, and the order of affixation is generally apparent. However, with Akatli, almost all affixes became either C or V, or in the case of the present tense and perfect aspect were dropped entirely.
Function Affix (Raaritli) Affix (Akatli)
Dependent clause OR subjunctive marker ta- t(a)-
Imperative xoo- (x)oo-
Negation an- (a)n-
1st person singular nominative laa- (l)aa-
1st person plural nominative tzaa- aatz-
2nd person singular nominative it- (i)t-
2nd person plural nominative tzit- itz-
3rd person singular nominative to- t(o)-
3rd person plural nominative tzo- otz-
3rd person "referenced" nominative * ro- r(o)
"Toward" directional affix hu- (h)u-
"Away" directional affix hak- (h)ak-
1st person singular accusative maa- (m)aa-
1st person plural accusative zaa- aaz-
2nd person singular accusative at- (a)t-
2nd person plural accusative zat- az-
3rd person singular accusative wo- (w)o-
3rd person plural accusative zo- oz-
3rd person "referenced" accusative * lo- l(o)-
Present tense s- (s)-
Past tense k- k-
Future tense z- z-
Perfect aspect u- (u)-
Imperfect aspect o- ao-
Habitual aspect a- a-
Optative mood zaan- (z)aa-
Abilitative mood lum- (lu)m-
Obligative mood too- (t)oo-
Conditional mood kyo- ky(o)-
To explain the "referenced" affixes: they are used to clarify whether the words preceding the verb are nominative or accusative. So if the sentence is yutulao ro-wo-s-u-yukik, the ro- affix specifies that yutulao is nominative, making the sentence "the beast eats it." If, however, the sentence is yutulao to-lo-s-u-yukik, the lo- affix specifies yutulao as accusative, making the sentence "it eats the beast." Both third person affixes can be dropped entirely if there are two arguments preceding the verb, defaulting to the nominative/accusative alignment to SOV.
Everything in parenthesis in Akatli's affixes are considered optional, or are only used when clarity is needed for affixes.
Let's Get Affixing
To explain where students can get tripped up, let's run through some examples:
Glossing: 1SNOM-2SACC-PRS-PERF (I X you)
Subject Object Tense Aspect Combined
Raaritli laa it s u laalitsu-
Akatli aa t (s) - aat(s)-
Glossing: 1SNOM-2SACC-PST-PERF (I will X you)
Subject Object Tense Aspect Combined
Raaritli laa it k u laali'ku-
Akatli aa t k (u) aa'k(u)-
Glossing: 1SNOM-2SACC-FUT-PERF (I will X you)
Subject Object Tense Aspect Combined
Raaritli laa it z u laalitzu-
Akatli aa t z - aatz-
Due to minimalization, this three-syllable affix in Raaritli becomes a single-syllable affix in Akatli. The s- is considered optional and is used to help preserve phonotactical rules of no two stops being able to be clustered together. By adding the optional s-, the stop t- becomes an affricate ts-, thus allowing it to be clustered next to a verbal root that starts with a stop. For the past tense, a stop cluster is formed, thus like in Raaritli, it becomes a glottal stop <'> followed by the tense marker. The aspect u- can be inserted to prevent further consonant clusters. For the future tense, tz- is formed from the second person accusative and future tense, creating an affricate.
Glossing: IMP-2S.NOM-3ACC.REF-PRS-PERF-POT.could (Have the ability to X it!)
Imperative Subject Object Tense Aspect Modal Combined
Raaritli xoo it lo s u lum xoolitlosulum-
Akatli oo t l - - lum ootlum-
Here, the tense/aspect marker of the verbal affix for Akatli is dropped entirely, as present-perfect is the presumed default of verbal conjugation. With it, Raaritli's 5 syllable affix turns into a 2 syllable affix.
Glossing: 2SNOM.1SACC.FUT.IMP (You will X me)
Subject Object Tense Aspect Combined
Raaritli it maa z o itaazo-
Akatli (i)t aa z o (i)taazo-
Glossing: DEP.1SNOM.FUT.IMP.(INTR) (..if I will X)
Dependent Subject Tense Aspect Combined
Raaritli ta laa z o talaazo-
Akatli t aa z o taazo-
Here we have two distinctive Akatli verbal affixes that, without context, can mean two entirely different things - one specifies "you will X me" and the other is "... ifI will X." Since the meanings are so distinctive a native Akatli speaker can tell these two apart on context and word order alone, but if clarity or emphasis is needed then the optional part of (i)t- can be added to turn the affix into itaazo-.
It Gets Worse
In addition to deciding whether optional affix elements are needed, Akatli speakers also have to make sure that all vowels are in harmony with the root in either front/backness or height. Which means that occasionally the glossing of affixes are sometimes confused for each other.
For example, if the root has a stressed i- the imperative (x)oo- will shift to (x)aa- creating this situation:
Glossing: IMP-2S.NOM-3ACC.REF-PRS-PERF-POT.could (Have the ability to X it!)
Imperative Subject Object Tense Aspect Modal Combined
Base (O/U harmonized) oo t l - - lum ootlum-
I-Harmonized aa t l - - lum (x)aatlum-
Glossing: 1SNOM-2SACC-PRS-PERF-POT.could (I can X you)
Subject Object Tense Aspect Modal Combined
Base aa t - - lum (l)aatlum-
"I can X you" could be emphasized as laalum- or "Have the ability to X it!" could become xaatlum-, but neither happens! Native Akatli speakers tend not do these emphasis since it can be told by context.
Harmony ALSO causes problems specifically when it comes to how it handles adjacent vowels.
Subject Object Tense Aspect Combined
Base (A/O/I-harmonized) t aa (s) a tàa-
U-harmonized t ii (s) i tìi-
Here, the vowels for the accusative marker aa- and the aspect marker a- are both the same, and as such combine to make a falling-tone àa, which can be U-harmonized into ìi-.
Subject Object Tense Aspect Combined
Base (A/O-harmonized) aa o (s) ao aaosao-
I-harmonized aa a (s) ai àasai-
U-harmonized ii (t)o (s) ou oousou-
For A/O-harmony, the subject and object affixes form to create a falling-tone diphthong aao- with the optional present tense affix being added to prevent illegal vowel clusters, and likewise in I-harmony it creates a falling àa with s- being added to prevent vowel clustering.
However, U-harmony creates a vowel cluster that cannot be merged easily into a diphthong or tonal falling accent. This would normally create iitosou if following the previously mentioned habit of including optional letters, but instead the base A/O-harmony affixes can shift aao- into oou-, becoming oousou-, creating an irregularity.
Would you want to learn Akatli knowing how irregular the affixational system can be?
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2022.01.28 21:23 Colby_M1 Does anyone have an Extra ABD i could have or purchase?

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2022.01.28 21:23 GespenstMkII-r :P

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2022.01.28 21:23 me889761 Saturday 29 January 2022 - Strength - Drop Sets - 3G 60 Minutes

Today's drop sets is a great chance to get out some heavier weights on the floor, in combination with solid tread block with inclines and low stroke rate rowing on the rower.
Tread Block 1 (6.5 mins)

Tread Block 2 (6 mins)
Row Block 1 (6.5 mins)
Row Block 2 (6 mins)
Floor Block 1 (6.5 mins)
Floor Block 2 (6 mins)
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2022.01.28 21:23 FallCompetitive7976 29-January I am still here

It is 29-January 00:23. I am stressed.
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2022.01.28 21:23 DropSC2 P99 holster for P22

Due to some availability issues I'd like to ask of a P99 underarm holster is viable for a P22. Anyone using it like this? Any issues that might come from it? Thanks for any input.
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2022.01.28 21:23 Thepower200 [USA] [H] Pokemon Legend Arceus Garchomp Kimono Set [W] $10 PayPal

This is the pre order bonus from amazon which is gone forever since it was a pre order bonus. Must be used according to email inside game on mystery gift and not Nintendo eshop.
I have sold 3 codes in total in my time on reddit. I will post a link to all past sales to confirm.
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2022.01.28 21:23 KermitlyNotFound 200BX after a long road trip.

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2022.01.28 21:23 True-Safety-8341 Eastward Iridescent Stickers

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2022.01.28 21:23 upyoars Analysis of new advanced enemy AI game design position opening up for the upcoming Riot MMO

The principal game designer for the Riot MMO just posted a new position for developing an enemy AI system. retweets:

Are you a highly experienced AI designer? Are you a subject matter expert at building or contributing to the foundations of an enemy AI system? Do the words "Behavior Tree" excite you? Let's chat :)
According to the job description
When you take decision trees and AI into account, the two things that stand out the most to me are:
This "friendly/non combat AI" aspect makes it seem like it will be heavily story based with decisions affecting what happens in regards to your progression or access to new areas/regions/resources/gear. (Kind of like Detroit become human).
The "cooperative combat" aspect makes it seem like a splitscreen coop campaign like console game where you might be running 2-4 man dungeons with each person clearing a different route and communicating whats going on to make decisions about what to do in your current position.
I really like this deep, thoughtful, and engaging approach to game development that challenges you to think, communicate, and express creative strategic ideas when playing with other people. This is truly what an MMO should be about, social engagement in a thoughtful way that builds your neurons to critically think rather than mindless clearing and grinding resulting in complete and utter brain rot after 10 years of gaming.
Imagine completely new pathways being forged by a dynamic AI system every time you do a dungeon, quest, or campaign - resulting in a new, relatively unpredictable, and refreshing experience for everyone. This will keep you coming back for more.
Imagine if enemy AI scales with skill level of players based on proximity to enemy:
A rank 1 pvp god with insane mechanics is surrounded by 5 monster mob that interacts with him differently than the mob thats 5 feet away from him surrounding his noob friend who's relatively new to the game. Everyone is challenged in their own way and are rewarded differently based on level of difficulty, this makes it so theres no "buying hunter carry pls leech me to level 200 on this new character, i got money from my main account, i pay you" bs like what happens in WOW.
Make the game fair, equalize the skill level and reward system for everyone. Theres a time and place for everything, Make sure time invested into game is rewarded for each person differently in a fair way with maybe ultimate rewards at end game.
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2022.01.28 21:23 glanshruber Am I wrong, or is Epic blocking Challenger owners so they can only upgrade at full price?

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2022.01.28 21:23 hyper__heart Self-service laundry?

My lovely cat has decided to pee on my down duvet tonight and I’d like to clean it ASAP (don’t have another duvet. My washing machine would fit a duvet but I don’t have a tumble dryer (like most flats I assume), so I’m in search of a place where I can access one. Thank you!
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2022.01.28 21:23 arcticpandand New toy & New to at home espresso..... Wish me luck!

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2022.01.28 21:23 angry-online Does anyone have a guess as to how much cards will be worth.

I pulled a Travis Kelce common card for his game-winning touchdown
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2022.01.28 21:23 AtreidesBorn Trouble with levels on direct line guitar: track and master levels green, then when recording they're maxing yellow and red. MacBook Pro / Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen / Garageband

Totally new to using an interface and a DAW correctly. I'm trying to record a guitar track in GB, plugged directly into my Scarlett 2i2 interface. To get my track and master volume levels to max in the green I've gotta turn the Gain way down on my interface. But even then, when I hit Record in GB, the same guitar playing same settings, the volumes are spiking yellow and even red. Im confused.

I'll be checking out some Garageband tutorials, but wanted to post here cuz I might watch 2 hours of video and not get an answer.
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2022.01.28 21:23 Wannagoal What is this spider? Found in Bradenton, FL. About two inches long.

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2022.01.28 21:23 SON_OF_DIDDY "A witty German Social-Democrat of the seventies of the last century called the postal service an example of the socialist economic system. This is very true."

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2022.01.28 21:23 cherryinyogurt egg_irl

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2022.01.28 21:23 ZheUmaro [FREE] Retro Rage Hyperpop "Turbo 2043" Samplepack ( Trippie Redd, Pierre Bourne , Playboi Carti, Ken Carson ) Sfx, Drums, Samples, one shots. Royalty free.

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2022.01.28 21:23 puccio1030 What to do with Robinson?

With more and more things coming out about Nagy just being an awful human to his players such as these instances:
-Fining Jaylon for barely being late -Ditching a meeting with Trubisky in 2019 -Ghosting ARob after last season until the start of minicamp
Would us fans want ARob back? I’m starting to lean yes after I’ve been a hard no since about week 8 when I finally dropped him from my fantasy team. I don’t think he game up on the Bears. I think he gave up on Nagy after Nagy gave up on him.
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