893hd s2rn7 9y93d 35e7f z6hh8 b3dya tt9f4 b2nsb iszhf 38a76 hs3s4 2ys5d sizss kye4b hay6h 5yf5r ba84t 3nbee f2r5e 8e3d7 5k8kf Is there a legal place for your delivery driver to park where you live? |

Is there a legal place for your delivery driver to park where you live?

2022.01.28 22:44 ProfileHistorical386 Is there a legal place for your delivery driver to park where you live?

Well could you at least bother to tip. I really hate delivering to apartments if there’s really nowhere to park. You live there. You know so could you just come down especially if you’re not gonna tip.
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2022.01.28 22:44 8oopie Supplements for stopping drinking (apologies if this has been questioned before)

I was wondering if anyone has tried various supplements for the purpose of stopping drinking. I have been trying different types of supplements in order to make some of the anxiety a bit more tolerable and overall improve the way I was feeling upon withdrawal and have found fish oil, green tea, and ashwagandha to be helpful.
Besides having a cleaner diet and exercise has anyone found any other type of supplementation (legal supplementation) to be benificial?
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2022.01.28 22:44 didyoucurbthewheels Look at this sunset

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2022.01.28 22:44 jethcl Tattoo

I’m going to Greece in March and want to get a tattoo. I want to get a triangle that would represent Greece. Do you have any suggestions?
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2022.01.28 22:44 Thats_Rough_Buddy428 Help!

Does anyone know where I can find a list of new episodes/shows and when they're on online? I'm planning on cutting cable now that Discovery+ came out in my country, but I have no idea how to find out about new episodes or shows.
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2022.01.28 22:44 codboz_master Help needed : (

So basically i installed tf2 on an other computer than mine with my account and everything , it was all good until i was in game , the queue for casual stops after 10 sec , it happens some times but even there i tried offline practise and it says client disconnect every time , cant launch any sort of game , anyone can help ? Thank you : )
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2022.01.28 22:44 PhlightModel Blursed_hypotenuse

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2022.01.28 22:44 IllustriousPassage30 Wurklo | A Coin for Wurkers | Wurklo.com

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2022.01.28 22:44 TrumpTweetBot1 I believe we found the root cause of and model for the pregnant man emoji. You guessed it folks CNN’s Brian Stelter. https://t.co/T3daOvsQKr

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2022.01.28 22:44 Storage-Informal how can i lose 25 lbs by june?

i currently weigh 138 lbs and im 5’1.5”. ive spent the last 4 months trying to lose weight by going to the gym almost daily for an hour and a half and watching what i eat, but failed to lose even a single pound. i have no idea what to do anymore because the only time i see progress is when i restrict super heavily (like 1000 cals per day) and do heavy cardio, which ends up backfiring on me. i feel so lost; ive been trying to lose the weight for years now. does anyone have any tips?
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2022.01.28 22:44 a_sad_scientist Are there any artists who are better than Playboi Carti?

I am wondering if there is anyone the Carti community unanimously prefers to Carti.
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2022.01.28 22:44 No-Requirement-4415 ‘Pay me’ - Julianna Peña willing to fight Kayla Harrison or Amanda Nunes at any weight

‘Pay me’ - Julianna Peña willing to fight Kayla Harrison or Amanda Nunes at any weight submitted by No-Requirement-4415 to MMA [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:44 PROMAN-Real The dark side of ninja kiwi

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2022.01.28 22:44 Violynchen Prediksi Mbah Paito Togel Sydney Sabtu 29 Januari 2022

Prediksi Mbah Paito Togel Sydney Sabtu 29 Januari 2022 Perkiraan Togel Sydney Sabtu 29 Januari 2022 - Sydney Pools Sebagai Keluaran Toto ( Togel Gelap ) Dari Negara Kanguru / Australia Pecintanya Tidak Kalah Banyak dengan Pasaran Togel Singapore, Keluaran Sydney tiap hari ada selalu Pasaran Tutup Jam 13.00 WIB dan Result 13.50 WIB.
Selalu turuti Keluaran dari situs sah karena kadang bisa ada banyak website yang lakukan manipulasi mengupdate angka yang lain dari Situs Sah situs sah Live Draw dan Keluaran Sydney pools bisa anda saksikan di : www.sydneypoolstoday.com
Perkiraan Togel Sydney Sabtu 29 Januari 2022
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Data Togel Sydney Pools - Deskripsi Di atas Sebagai Hasil Perkiraan Sepuh togel Mbah Paito yang bisa jadi rumusan untuk menerka angka untuk pemain togel yang belum mengusai memprediksikan angka ke depan.
Akurasi rumus Togel Sydney yang dibikin mbah Paito ini tidak 100% tentu hit tetapi sudah diakui secara baik hingga mempunyai tingkat akurasi yang lumayan baik dan bisa dilaporkan dengan perkiraan suhu-suhu terkenal lain.
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2022.01.28 22:44 armakon To upgrade now or wait?

Guys, I'm torn between upgrading to a 3070 now that the prices have gone down a bit but still higher than MSRP or just to wait it out till the 4000 arrives.
Use-case will be mostly for VR and though I can play natively on quest2 I can't take the itch off to get higher fidelity on pcvr.
So is it worth the wait knowing that 4xxx will potentially have shortage issues or should I pull the trigger now?
submitted by armakon to buildapc [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:44 sammys_exhaustion Does Open Handed effect Vigil?

Q^ above
I have an Ace build that I love running.
Bond, Open Handed, BT (unrelated) and Kindred.
However I like the idea of running Vigil instead of Kindred for those pesky killers that run perks like Blood Echo, Mindbreaker or whatever else adds status effects.
Any replys appreciate!
Also, does anyone else hear Spirit sounds during each trial?
Also Also, I miss the "dead, by daylight" sound from the Resi update pls add back :)
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2022.01.28 22:44 chenko45 Freedom 101

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2022.01.28 22:44 BlueChicken777 PsBattle: This dog's sprawl

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2022.01.28 22:44 Dickson-Loh-Test UK Life Sciences and Healthcare Newsletter - January 2022

UK Life Sciences and Healthcare Newsletter - January 2022 submitted by Dickson-Loh-Test to test [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:44 momma_lunaann Hello baby dm to get spoilt silly with an weekly allowance text me (480) 382-0724 or snap momma_lunaann 🥰🥰🥰

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2022.01.28 22:44 sathomasga Joseph Bonnie - Terrible Experience

Does anyone have an idea what's up with Joseph Bonnie? I don't think bad luck alone is enough to explain my experience.
I ordered their Tropic strap on January 4. 20€ for shipping seemed a little steep, but it was for "Express International Shipping in 6-8 Business Days (Secure with tracking number)." On the 17th (9 business days later), having received neither a tracking number nor a watch band, I sent a polite query using their web contact form. I never recieved a response.
It gets much worse. USPS finally left me a delivery notice on the 22nd, and I dutifully went to the post office and signed for the package on the 24th. To my astonishment, when I got home and opened the envelope, it was completely empty. I immediately sent them another message using the web site contact form, and I also sent a separate email message to contact@josephbonnie.com. It has now been a week and they have not responded to either. (I used two different email addresses, and their marketing emails are still reaching my inbox, so I don't think there is an email problem.) At this point my only recourse seems to be disputing the charge on my credit card, as I have paid 78€ for nothing.
I understand that mistakes happen, and I don't want to be unreasonable. But the fact that Joseph Bonnie has not responded at all to any of my messages is inexplicable and inexcusable. Unless someone here can offer any insight, I might suggest that other folks avoid purchasing from them in the future.
submitted by sathomasga to Watchbands [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:44 Drekkels86 Oooh, what a feeling

Disclaimer: I know these posts are a dime a dozen, but I just want to share.
Wow, feeling like a million bucks right now: just beat Ishiin Sword Saint after coming back to this game after a break of 2 years. Sorry for the long post, I'm just feelin' it.
Flashback to early 2020: Covid was just starting to rear its ugly head, and had I finished my second playthrough of DS3. I absolutely loved that game and its predecessors, and thought to give Sekiro a try. Wow, what did I get myself into.. I'm by no means a talent in soulsborne, and find those games to be very difficult. Sekiro however, is simply on another level: no summons, no dodge roll you can upgrade, and no way to make a boss easier. There is simply you, the enemy and the sword dance.
Doesn't take long for me to really get into it: I'm getting my ass handed to me, but am making progress and lovin' it. 30-50 tries on a boss? No problem, I've got time. New prosthetic to learn? I got this. Guardian ape throwing faeces at me? Give it to me.
Some time later I'm nearing the end of the game, and have 3 bosses left: Owl 2.0, Ishiin 2.0 and Demon of Hatred. By this point I've put 100+ hours in the game, and I'm just not mentally prepared for the three health bars of DoH.. This guy is just too much, so I end up cheesing him (the classic jumping of the cliff). What happens? I'm feeling dirty. He's checked off, but I didn't really "beat" him, I cheesed him (btw no hate to people who cheesed him, I'm just saying I didn't feel good about it). I'm trying to get into killing off owl and Ishiin, but I'm just burnt out. I'm putting the game down and moving on to other things.
Fast forward to two years later. This is still nagging me. I never finished Sekiro, and it bums me out. On a whim I reinstall, and boot it back up. Obviously I lost all my skills and remember nothing about the consumables. The game is in end-game status, and I only have the bosses left to do.
Well, here goes: I'm relearning the game by low-key going back up against Owl 2.0. I'm getting absolutely smashed. No matter, I keep going. I watch some guides on Youtube, and start farming skill points to relax a bit. Bit by bit my muscle memory comes back.
One night, I come home a bit drunk from hanging with the boys, and boot up the pc. My cat jumps on the desk, and starts to chill out. I'm pulling out another bottle and pour some more wine (not a great thing to do, I know). I start fighting Owl, and don't care if I die. All of a sudden, I get to the last quarter of his next stage before he kills me. I'm having some more wine, and am feeling it. I go back up against him again and again. He's pummeling me, but I'm hurting him as well. My sword is wailing on him, and I'm regularly getting into his next phase. He's going down, it's a matter of time. All the while my cat is chilling, and I'm chugging wine (I know).
All of a sudden..
After two hours he's down, and I've advanced the game again. The passion is back, and I cry victory (my wife isn't happy, and neither is my cat).
A few days later DoH is next on my shitlist. A new feature has been patched in since my first playthrough: "reflection of strenght", so I'm getting a second chance at this bad boy.
I build a playlist in spotify with Metallica, Black Sabbath and some Russian hard-bass for kicks. Nothing like a good sword fight while some Vietnam-era rock is blasting. I'm going up against him again and again, sometimes taking a break to farm skill points. At this point my health is at 20 and my attack power around 16. Every day after work I'm back at it again. No rest for the wicked. It takes a while before I learn to approach him like a souls-boss, and all of a sudden it clicks. A few tries later and I GOT HIM!
Only one left.. At this point I'm not even that scared of Ishiin anymore. If I keep going up against him, I'm going to get him: simple as that. I always found DoH to be that much more intimidating, and Ishiin just hasn't got that wow-factor at first sight. Boy, was I wrong. He kicks my ass, especially since I'm in souls-mode after DoH.
50 tries and a lot of youtube-videos later, DONE. He's down.
Sekiro finished after 2 years..
Just out of happiness I boot up NG+ and get to the secret passage again. Genichiro is there, and I'm low-key remembering he took off my arm, and you're supposed to lose this fight.
BAM, I kill him as well! :D
What an immense sense of accomplishment. From Software, the games you make are incredible. These games are simply masterpieces.
Sorry for the long post, going to bed now, content with the world.
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2022.01.28 22:44 twor76 Pure Fire

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2022.01.28 22:44 corec0 Is there a list of AMGs that have Diamond White as a paint option?

I'm interested in either a CLA45, C43 or C63 but none of them have the option for Diamond White paint, which I'd really like to have. So curious to know which cars/classes have it so I can narrow it down to see if it's actually worth it or if I should just forget about it.
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2022.01.28 22:44 UnderstandingOk3083 Carnage!

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