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As a college student, I love finals week.

2021.10.26 18:40 NawfSideNative As a college student, I love finals week.

It’s no doubt, a very high stress time for college students but there’s some odd peace about it. Everyone is so focused on their studies, campus is so quiet, and everyone just sort of gives you the space you need to study the material for classes. Not to mention for Fall semester, finals week precedes the holiday season, and I love Christmas so I love the feeling of finishing and getting to enjoy Christmas with my friends and family. There’s also a sense of freedom when you FINALLY turn in that last exam for a course. It feels like a weight being lifted from your shoulders. I love when finals week rolls around.
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2021.10.26 18:40 jaysocal134 25m OC cub add me on snap jaysocalcub13 😘

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2021.10.26 18:40 LadyLoki5 Would it be rude to ask a recruiter where you went wrong in an interview?

I had a phone interview last week for an entry level stay at home position. My sister has worked there for 2 years and vouches for it as a nice place to work.
I thought the phone interview went well. My computer passes their spec requirements, I definitely pass their skill requirements, the recruiter said my resume looked good, and my availability was good. They said they wanted to do a video interview and put me through some further assessments because they felt I could fit nicely into several different positions, so I needed to get a webcam. I said I could have a webcam by the next day, they said fantastic, call us when you get it. They also said be sure to be ready to start training within 1 business day of the video interview. The call was casual and friendly and the recruiter kept remarking on my high initial skills assessment so I construed that as a good thing. I felt really positive about it overall.
So I got the webcam the next day, called the recruiter as soon as I plugged it in.. no answer. I called back again the day after that, and left a voicemail. No response. I sent an email yesterday and finally got a call back this morning. The recruiter said "something suddenly happened" but they would keep my application on file.
I hate to speculate, but I'm not sure where I went wrong here. My sister assured me they are definitely still hiring. Their website lists several open positions that I qualify for, and the recruiter said as much that I was a good candidate for several. They did not ask for any references, and I left my previous job on good terms, so even if they called up my past employer there should have been nothing bad coming up on me. I don't have any social media besides reddit where my name isn't attached, so nothing comes up when you Google my name.
Care to speculate with me? What could have gone wrong?
In the future, if I get this kind of response, would it be considered rude to ask for more clarification?
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2021.10.26 18:40 chubbybunnyx0e Random thought but — I wonder if Sarah’s therapist lurks this sub 😂 Bc I’m sure us “internet trolls” have been mentioned a few times in her sessions… 🤫 and if I were her therapist I would be curious about this subreddit

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2021.10.26 18:40 WhisperOfTheDark Come join! It'll be fun!

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2021.10.26 18:40 argonaut0 Arcade1Up Announces Terminator 2 Arcade Machine

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2021.10.26 18:40 SuperSecretSpyforyou come play with us tonight!!! Campaign STARTS THis is shameless one a week promo..but its to play

Yeah join up with us. Full campaign going down. :)
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2021.10.26 18:40 hernandezpandez Should I (F) ask out my friend (M) on a date? Afraid of reading too much into it

Have a friend I've become much closer to this year. Known each other for 2 years. We hung out a couple of times this summer. He has asked me out for lunch. During the summer, he cut his hair short and kept his beard because I once said my preference is short haired men with a little beard. Once we were going out to play golf and he sent a selfie of himself with heart emojis. I thought he was just joking so didn't take notice. Then, a couple of weeks ago I'm about to attend an event, he asks me out of the blue if I can get him tickets to the same event. I'm like sure I'll try and he is like thank you ❤️ and I'm thinking wait...this doesn't seem platonic.
Also a week ago or so he was going to a music festival and asked me if I wanted to come, but unfortunately I couldn't due to school stuff. Also he keeps asking if I have a boyfriend whenever I'm going on dates. I jokingly told him I should ask out some random unknown guy from a Snapchat filter I use a lot and he was like yeah 100%, you talk a lot and get along well. Seemed to me like he was alluding to himself.
However I don't want to read too much into this stuff. Maybe he's just friendly.
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2021.10.26 18:40 Jaunt- [WTS] ROLEX DATEJUST

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2021.10.26 18:40 sisterofaugustine Describes the whole phenomenon.

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2021.10.26 18:40 SilverStarzStudios Random Question but uhh, which eyes should I use?

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2021.10.26 18:40 hollow-soul_bro Greg has embraced the spooky month

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2021.10.26 18:40 Latter-Detective193 Ahri ultimate skin?

What do you guys think of ahri getting an ultimate skin? Personally I would of liked Coven to be an ultimate skin. That skin had so much potential, but riot wasted it. Ig Sb would of been a cool ultimate skin as well, plus it fits her lore better. But idk what do you guys think?
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2021.10.26 18:40 Avesheak1 Jem's -- Sleep Music [Soft] (2021)

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2021.10.26 18:40 jiggy19921 can I install on my laptop?

I have decided to install SNORT for my windows laptop. Does this app need to be installed on a server or anything like that?
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2021.10.26 18:40 DMCPhoenix-X [Johnston] Stan Bowman stepping down from Team USA

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2021.10.26 18:40 Need_Gamer_Friend World's easiest recipes for a depressed idiot who loathes cooking?

Sorry if this is a commonly asked question. I just want to know what the easiest meals ever are, while still being at least a tiny bit nutritious? I'd still like to get my veggies and stuff ofc. I guess frozen, packaged vegetables that I can just steam in the microwave or throw into a pot are the answer to that?
I can throw stuff in a saucepan on the stove or on a baking sheet in the oven and turn it on. And stir occasionally if needed. Or microwave/toaster oven. I absolutely hate washing & chopping produce, prepping, mixing, marinating, seasoning and all that stuff. I even hate cooking eggs and handling raw meat, browning meat, etc. But I will if I must. I also plan on getting a crockpot soon, so I guess I could just look up crockpot recipes? But again, I don't want to have to wash and chop stuff up to throw in the crockpot. I'd rather go with frozen/canned veggies and stuff.
So yeah, as close as we can get to "pop a frozen TV dinner in the microwave" levels of ease, without actually having to eat that artificial trash.. I would greatly appreciate some suggestions!
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2021.10.26 18:40 Accomplished-Road-69 Darkrai 2604 5808 8741

add me
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2021.10.26 18:40 MOSI8886 noReply@aamc.org be like: we regret to inform you we have received a record number of well qualified applicants...

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2021.10.26 18:40 Puzzleheaded-Use-59 Imagination

It’s been a couple of days that before I sleep I imagine myself fucking a girl (not the same each time)who i know in real life or seen here is it good or bad?i get an erect from it though
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2021.10.26 18:40 NabbitFan600 Sometimes I like think Jimmy Neutron, Barnyard and Megamind take place in the same timeline.

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2021.10.26 18:40 RelaxingSoundChannel [Intentional] Fantasy cottage in magical forest [bubble sounds] [crackling wood] [intentional]

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2021.10.26 18:39 Esports247_it VALORANT, mummAy e Envy si separano: il giocatore potrebbe firmare con Andbox

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2021.10.26 18:39 Bigaddy01 EverRise Announces Nexus Solidity as an Official Audit Partner for EverOwn

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2021.10.26 18:39 krys-owo Butterfinger and dried fish cupcake

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