2021.10.26 18:21 GizmoHub UFACTORY LITE 6 : THE MOST AFFORDABLE COLLABORATIVE ROBOT ARM | #Kickstarter | #GizmoHub

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2021.10.26 18:21 motogte Let's all follow sdc's socials

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2021.10.26 18:21 ZestycloseChocolate Building React Admin Step By Step

So, the importance of a well-made Admin Page can not be underestimated. React Admin Page or React Admin Console contains all the info about the site and its content, including your products, users, etc. React Admin page gives you the ability to control everything about this content on your website or app.
Check this detailed guide on how to build React Admin Page step by step.
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2021.10.26 18:21 Ok-Snow8069 Wholesome email from prof

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2021.10.26 18:21 strbrrylmnade a gorillaz commission from over the weekend!

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2021.10.26 18:21 SomeHSomeE Swapping clubs bug?

I just can't help but think I'm being stupid, or am suffering from a bug.
I have the standard starter set of clubs but can't seem to swap for different irons (I want to switch out my 5 hybrid for a 4 iron).
I've followed instructions (including videos) but when I click on the irons it just gives me the option to 'purchase' or 'purchase & equip' despite choosing the starter set I already own (HBS Classic F01).
This is what I do: Go into my bag Select 5 hybrid Press R1 to the irons tab Select the first set (HBS Classic F01) On the video this should then give an option of choosing from the irons in this set but on mine it just gives me an option to purchase... (I've double checked and this set is def the starter one)
On PS4.
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2021.10.26 18:21 Z-like Elite Three Amigos -> zedamigo <- 💪🏼

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2021.10.26 18:21 GIltch help me not to hate toplane as diamond top player

im only asking those who understand my issue (title).
toplane truly feels terrible, it makes no fun unless you STOMP your laner AND win the game which happens in around 3/10 games (having about 53% win rate). most of the time you get counterpicked because you lost in champ select positioning.. better jungle / botlane descides 80% of my games.
i just cant see anything fun in toplane, hopefully someone can change my mind
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2021.10.26 18:21 immalilpig Did anyone have daily heart palpitations while eating gluten?

I’ve had heart palpitation issues since a few months ago. Thought it was my supplements, quit and no improvement. Then thought maybe it’s the covid vaccine (not anti-vax, just made me think since it developed soon after), but seems unlikely after two doctor visits. I have a cardiologist appointment coming up to confirm.
For the past few days I tried as much gluten free as possible, as I felt like I usually have extreme bloating after eating a gluten-rich meal. It’s been a few days and I think my bloating is a bit better, but to my surprise my heart palpitations also calmed down A LOT. This makes me think whether I have a true sensitivity to gluten that’s causing my palpitations. I have a check up coming up and will get it tested to confirm, but just curious, has anyone had similar palpitations prior to going gluten free?
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2021.10.26 18:21 X2PArmyMember For everyone thinking that X2P is not included in the plans. You are WRONG!!

I think everyone noticed that the price of X2P been stagnant since the release of the X-Machine update, but there is something you need to pay attention to:
• The X-Machine was designed to create a STRONG LP. • While the X2P price is stagnant, the X2P LP has increased with 150BNB the past week. • The fact the LP is increasing while the price is stagnant, creates a big protection against dumps and selling pressure.
X2P is currently in a stabilizing phase. Once this stabilizing phase is done and LP is fully protected for the next rally, it will explode.
As you all know, X2P is a payment solution currency. As early investors may know, X2P came from FAR FAR FAR away. Therefore, we need a big liquidity to start the engines again and say goodbye to our last ATH. Xenon Pay is a LONG TERM project.
This project is currently building a huge ecosystem for the future. All pieces will fall in place soon.
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2021.10.26 18:21 Lemonlaksen Watches in customs assesment (Denmark)

So ordered some watches from trusty shipped via uk to Denmark. Now the tracking says "Your item has been presented to Customs on 26-10-2021 for assessment. More information will be available once the assessment is complete."
How nervous should i be?
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2021.10.26 18:21 Arsenalfan246 😂😂😂 why are people like this?

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2021.10.26 18:21 onemoredram Bruichladdich Launches Black Art Edition 09.1

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2021.10.26 18:21 cordarius58 Reddit knows :/

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2021.10.26 18:21 Saca_ Brot mit getrockneten Tomaten - "Geil oder Beil?" :D

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2021.10.26 18:21 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy SaveBritney (SBRT) - Step By Step Guide

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2021.10.26 18:21 nichthomas Any ideas what camera this is?

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2021.10.26 18:21 lil_m_ Backpack recs to use heat transfer vinyl on?

Looking to iron on various decals made from heat transfer vinyl, but other crafting frens have expressed concern about that plasticy liner on the inside of a lot of backpacks melting from the iron. Looking for a good sized adult backpack, not a child’s/school backpack.
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2021.10.26 18:21 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - When Did Mark Zuckerberg Become Public Enemy Number One? | National Review

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2021.10.26 18:21 5igorsk Продолжаем искать и сохранять ссылки на полезные и интересные ресурсы.Присоединяйтесь.

Продолжаем искать и сохранять ссылки на полезные и интересные ресурсы.Присоединяйтесь. submitted by 5igorsk to Tay_5 [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 18:21 -NotSorryReeses- What’s one your favorite dog breeds?

One of mine is the French bulldog. I also really want a wolf dog (more of a hybrid).
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2021.10.26 18:21 Charliejfg04 "The old API functions are marked as deprecated and will be removed in a future release."

I keep seeing this statement popping up everytime the Kotlin development team decides to deprecate an old function, for example here https://kotlinlang.org/docs/whatsnew15.html#stable-locale-agnostic-api-for-upper-lowercasing-text
In this case, they are deprecating "toUpperCase()" in Kotlin 1.5. But, wouldn't that mean that in the future, if I update my project to like Kotlin 1.6 (or whatever version they decide to remove that feature), that I will now have a bunch of errors in code due to that? I know that Java gets a lot of flak for them trying to maintain compatibility with old projects, but is it really necessary to "remove the functions at a future release"? What are your thoughts on that?
I'm just learning Kotlin for the first time so sorry if this question seems dumb!
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2021.10.26 18:21 ttddxd 24 [M4F] San Francisco - Looking to gain more sex-perience! :)

Hey there! So, I’ve only been with a couple other people because in middle school, they made me sign a “pledge of abstinence” card (only half-joking LOL ask me about it 😂), and I thought that I’d get more experience before I embarrass myself on a Tinder hookup or something hahaha
I’m pretty open minded sexually, and I think I would be down for whatever you’d feel comfortable doing, so it can even be just me going down on you if that’s all you’d wanna do! :)
I live in the city and can host as well! I’m fine to take things slow (get food, talk a bit, cuddle, etc) or just jump right into it, whatever feels right to you! Also open to discuss boundaries and all of that as well to make sure we both have a fun time!
Ideally, you would be vaccinated, DDF, hwp, and in/around SF! As for myself, I’m fully vaxxed, DDF, hwp, average/some what fit build, sociable/outgoing, and definitely love to please! (and learn how to do so better ofc)☺️
If you got here, thanks for reading through this, and I’d love to get to know you more - and vice versa - as well as exchange pictures and all of that! 😊
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2021.10.26 18:21 NomNomJohn Horizon behind Mountains, Me, Digital, 2021

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2021.10.26 18:21 No-Contest-597 kin insurance

Has anybody hear of kin insurance ir had any experience with them in Florida. Their homeowners insurance price is a lot cherpe but that does not do any good if they do not pay their claim
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