Australia: TGA approves Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine booster shots for people aged 18 and over

Minors over 11 years old and below 18 years old must have a negative COVID 19 PCR test certificate only when travelling with fully vaccinated adult family members. Complete a Passenger Health Form before departure and present a printed and signed copy of the form upon arrival. Australia is considering approving Pfizer Inc.’s vaccine for children as young as five, Bangladesh is starting to inoculate 12 to 17-year-olds, while Malaysia is giving booster shots to the elderly and front-line workers. India is getting close to 1 billion first doses and is building a stockpile of vaccines for export. 6.45pm EDT 18:45 A summary of today's developments; 1.24pm EDT 13:24 UK health agency investigating new strain of Delta variant; 9.36am EDT 09:36 England's R number rises to between 1 and 1.2 ... What is 10x more lethal than COVID-19? Viral covidiocy: 9 out of 10 COVID deaths were vaccinated in Argentina, where case fatality rate was 1300% higher for the vaccinated than for the un-vaccinated, plus a higher 40% contagion rate (5% if Medical uses. The Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID‑19 vaccine is used to provide protection against infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus in order to prevent COVID-19 in adults aged 18 years and older. The medicine is administered by two 0.5 ml (0.017 US fl oz) doses given by intramuscular injection into the deltoid muscle (upper arm). The initial course consists of two doses with an interval of 4 to ... By TONY MOBILIFONITIS A LETTER written by a senior constable from the Coffs/Clarence Highway Patrol in NSW and signed by colleagues, has exposed the COVID-19 narrative for its deception and the harm it is causing to police and their relations with the public. The letter, dated October 26, is addressed to NSW Commissioner of Police… Australia's medicine regulator TGA has been notified of 50 cases of pericarditis as a result of 3.2million Pfizer doses - a rate of 1 in 64,000 In the UK, the latest data found for every 1million ... The Pfizer vaccine is now available to all Western Australians aged over 12. Coronavirus 8:46pm Sep 17, 2021 Breaking news and updates Australia: September 17, 2021

2021.10.26 18:57 misana123 Australia: TGA approves Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine booster shots for people aged 18 and over

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2021.10.26 18:57 joannefisher I’m absolutely obsessed with my new wall art

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2021.10.26 18:57 DebStone [Thanks] finally arrived and so cute!

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2021.10.26 18:57 TheGreatBatu17 Can anyone help me with this question? By the by the grey matrixes are what my answers are so for are they correct?

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2021.10.26 18:57 jayzinner SFX9 Experience’s

Thinking about an SFX9 15 round, how snappy is it compared to a P365?
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2021.10.26 18:57 Ijoerii Levy set Marlo up

I have a theory that Levy deliberately wrote Marlo's cell number because he knew Herc would probanly give it to one of his cops buddies. But also Marlo tells his nunber in front of Herc which is kind of dumb.
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2021.10.26 18:57 BitIndependent3608 como lidar com pais sem noção?

cara eu sei que minha mãe tem o coração enorme,mas ela solta uns comentários que fico com repulsa e vergonha,ja vi ela soltar umas coisas beeeem machistas, homofóbicas, até RACISTAS,e eu fico extremamente incomodada,mas ela é muito cabeção,nada entra,e sei que ficar "forçando" não vai adiantar nada nem quero intrigas,mas certos assuntos eu quero distância dela pq sei que ela vai soltar umas,sem falar das coisas meio ácidas que ela solta. Eu acho que gente assim é tao machucada por dentro que não consegue ver a vida alheia sem soltar veneno,sabe? E vejo que n é só dela, minha família no geral,eles tem essa cultura de se meter no que não são chamados,por isso eu evito ao máximo conversar além do "necessário" e ficar na minha pq não gosto de briga nem nada,mas mano 🤮
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2021.10.26 18:57 DiogenesK-9 Marjorie Taylor Greene Uses Declaration of Independence to Defend Violent Capitol Riot — Fuck Marjorie, enough already, you just won the abortion poster child part!

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2021.10.26 18:57 KirbySquidYT All the furrie be mad because I’m speaking facts lol, stay mad UwU fags

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2021.10.26 18:57 DutchBoy24 I look tired af on this pic but o well [15]

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2021.10.26 18:57 Deadmodemanmode Arena Prio - Rogue/Feral 2's

My partner and I have been having some disagreements as what class to focus.
For example. He believes we should focus druids and leave mages for last.
His reasoning is he can blind the mage and we can pop the druid.
Problem for me is. This never happens. Druids are too tanky to pop before the mage can start blasting.
He doesnt wantto engage magesas they can get away easily.
Thing is... if I pounce he HAS to trinket. That's 4 seconds. In that 4 second stun we can easily pop a mage.
And if he trinkets and blinks my rogue partner should be able to (whatever its called) teleport behind him and either pop him or force ice block.
I feel like keeping pressure on the mage would allow us to survive and not just get pve to death by the mage. Plus RDruids are just insanely hard to kill. I'd put druid on CC prio but not kill prio.
He is very confident that I am wrong on this though.
So. Opinions?
Am I out to lunch?
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2021.10.26 18:57 PM-Me-Mochi I’m in a fight. I need more men!

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2021.10.26 18:57 dreambringer1 Lisa Ann

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2021.10.26 18:57 Nmantis I got a dinosaur gummy with my skittle gummy’s

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2021.10.26 18:57 pantha-mac why do my balls start aching a few hours after taking pygeum...?

uh, the title says it all really, but I get this weird low level dull ache/soreness after taking pygeum...
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2021.10.26 18:57 SwiftPebble B e h o l d

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2021.10.26 18:57 Frantic_Rewriter My skin is flaking off even tho I’m using my moisturizer 2x a day! Moisturizer recs?

Current using the Neutrogena Hydro boost on wet skin. Also currently having half my face flake off because my skin is so dry. Moisturizer recs? It doesn’t need to be drug store. Honestly, my skin is so painfully dry, willing to spend $$ for good product.
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2021.10.26 18:57 elwin5 A wild Yuni appear !

Hello reddit people, I wanted to share a bit of my experience with Yuni and show things she he can do. Since her his ex came on jp, I wanted to try his lv120 skill, a very long range anti quicken/haste with low damage. Obviously when I saw it would cost 6 flowers and gardeners suddenly became corrupted by capitalism, i refrained myself. But then came Lara Croft and her VC and my curiosity suddenly came back.
So who's Yuni?
An SR water waifu husbando with Low agi, Low attack, very bad slash and magic resist and okayish HP. Let's ignore the fact he looks awful and build him the best we can. To compensate his 46 base agi, we will give him Odin, bells and we are the champion vc. An assault platinum bow is the best we can get.
here's the result, not great but it seems usable right?
So let's come to the point, his 120 skill. The good thing : the range with aimed fire from Lara (11 squares at the furthest point) The bad thing : the multiplier (76 at lv20)
The good news is we can increase it and by a lot! Let list all we can add : odin man-eater (+30) , 2 characters MA (+15 x2) , Lara VC (+35), anniversary VC (+35), Tune-up time VC (+25) , aimed fire from Lara (+38) , tidal calling from S.Elsirelle (+25).
And here's the magic, the skill went from "deals dmg (min)" to "deals dmg (XL)", we just added around +200 to the multiplier, making it a ~275 multiplier skill. of course a XL dmg skill would go much higher, but it wouldn't even double the damage while here the damage nearly got 4x the base. The important thing is that it can deal decent damage now. You can except 3K damage against low DEF units and a bit more when using barrage.
This week class match map heavily favored ranger comp, I got 4 win 1 loss every day with Yuni Lara and S.Elsirelle on auto. Another good thing is both yuni and lara have very high accuracy thanks to the VCs (i had christmas vc giving 35% dex too), it was insta win against evade comp except Elena, where it was more about courage + reraise + full life. it was obviously complicated against lightning, but i didn't face much and even got a win. Also if anyone had some doubt about Lara being evasive, she is. She just had sage hat, Tetra Sylphid and her vc, and she evaded a lot.
A little trick that you may not have thought of is using the ribbon we recently got to get -1 move (if you noticed in the screenshot). The stats may gives you a little headache, but they balance each other, accuracy and evasion doesn't change much. The -1 move helps using bells instead using an attack if the opponent moved fast, and your character will have less chance being close to your tank, and so less chance of being caught in a AOE. Having Fred using bells and moving forward just to get one shotted by any slash attack is annoying, this can help to prevent that.
The anti haste/quicken part was totally useless here, i didn't face anyone using haste and quicken was already blocked. Just remember for future CM with quicken, keen blade into arrowfall might be a winning move, but i let you try it, manual pvp takes too much time for me :) .
I hope you enjoyed and learnt something, and that my water simp companions will build their true husbando :) .
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2021.10.26 18:57 SargentSuds Beer store recommendations, Aurora?

Hey y’all, I’ll be in the Denver area, specifically Aurora, for a couple days and am hoping to find a place where I can pick up single cans of CO craft beer? I’m hoping to maximize limited luggage space with as many different brews as possible, so single cans would be preferable. Any suggestions great appreciated. Cheers!
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2021.10.26 18:57 ipilmartyryO9 Describe my body in one word?

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2021.10.26 18:57 The_test_is_me Shaving my bald head has destroyed my self image and the cult of support around male baldness makes me weary

It's not that i don't applaud everyone for making combustible lemons but i worry all the male pattern baldy support is as pandering and pathetic as support for people with serious weight problems....
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2021.10.26 18:57 Silyrabbit1027 Reactivating Amazon Flex

Does anyone know how to reactivate a Flex account that has already been deactivated. For those that are going to say theres no way, please avoid commenting. I have seen first hand that there is a way but im tryin to do it without paying. According to some people they wipe out ur existence from amazon. How is this possible.
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2021.10.26 18:57 TheyDoHaveIt I cut this out of the Sunday paper 30 or so years ago because it made me lol. Found it in a box and it still does. That smug baby 😂

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2021.10.26 18:57 Personal_Mango_1660 3 pics of my bush, 3 trim types. Can I please get help, which looks better?

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2021.10.26 18:57 TheStruggleville Home Depot: Husky 6.5 in. Long Nose 7 in. and 10 in. Locking Plier Set, 3-Piece – $12.97 (96850)

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