the psat kinda BUGGED me

2021.10.26 18:37 ina001 the psat kinda BUGGED me

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2021.10.26 18:37 CalRob18 Memetides face reveal

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2021.10.26 18:37 oliveoil556 My actual own Deep Thoughts!

First let’s start at the beginning, What is life, life is the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death. Now I ask are we animals or plants?Obviously animals. Are we special? Of course not, in the big picture of things where just a species of great apes that are really smart compared to our other animal counterparts. Why do we see our selfs above other animals? The answer to this is because we are powerful enough and capable of killing every single one of them. We are superior, the real Apex predator. So with all of this in mind why is religion a human thing(sounds silly) but really why is religion so human, with people we worship usually other humans. The God no matter what religion always has a human image in your mind. We are literally born into religion, kinda sounds like propaganda to me. Do you remember as a kid watching movies and shows, you grow up with a false expectations and unrealistic dreams, you believe gun fights are action packed and gangsters are so cool. Then you grow up and realize how boring and retarded life is , our perception of this world is false, we are all clueless children wandering around scared and confused. Depending who’s looking at you, you(grammar is not my strong suite) look cooler and bigger depending on their own size and age. An example for this is I remember when I was young I thought everybody where so damn tall, then I grew and they slowly became shorter inch by inch. Our perspectives change every day and illusion is constructed into our very minds. Instagram and the lives of celebrity’s are all fake, little snippets, a frozen frame from their entire life. With this in consideration I do not expect this to translate to the after life, a beautiful perfect place, ya right :( . Nothing is ever as cool as it seems at first. Basically what I’m trying to say is where not special just dumb little animals thinking theirs something more to our worthless lives. Literally no one is important, lives don’t really matter you where not born with human rights ,if I shoot you in the fucking head you die it’s as simple as that. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a depressed emo but this is just what I think. I will add that lives do matter to my emotions and probably yours too. 
Do we deserve emotions? What’s the point of getting mad or sad or happy if in the end you die This just made me remember that every one dies the same way. We all die when oxygen fails to reach the brain and it stops functioning. My Examples: Let’s say you get stabbed, (blood carries oxygen)when you lose blood at a point there will be not enough oxygen for brain meaning you’ll die. Lets say you die from cancer, your organs fail and blood stops pumping to brain, well now your dead. You fall off a building then you hit the ground which causes internal bleeding and blunt force trauma to your brain, now there’s no oxygen for your brain so your dead. See we are just a brain: to clarify (insert name here) you are your brain but not your body, your body is (insert name here)‘s body :) (this is hard to explain) basically my point is when your brain stops that’s it. Your brain lets you think and without thinking your not doing anything, it’s impossible to imagine not thinking because you are not a witness to time or anything that happens, you really aren’t anything if your not alive because you are subjectively gone, we can’t use “you” in this sentence because you do not know, you do not know. Do you remember before being born? Probably not because you weren’t even a thing yet with a conscious.
 Lets talk about religion again. I remember when I was 7 I talked to my mom and dad about god and how I didn’t believe in it, why is this? Because There was something weird about church and religion. I noticed how stupid the stuff they did where. The church would dump you in a pool of water, eat bread and drink wine telling you this is important, this shit is fundamentally stupid. It just felt like someone made this all up and we all had to believe it so you would fit in and not dare challenge what where really doing. Basically I just got a weird felling from church that led me to believe this stuff is made up. I have no evidence of course because this is all stuff you can’t prove or debunk. I could say In 2012 a monster by the name of sakla killed millions of people, fast toward 10,000 years It either is true or false but future generations have no ways of proving it was fake or not if every ones parents or guardians said it was real and through generations people thought of it as a real event in history. See if they weren’t here to witness it they can’t prove it’s false. This is why religion story’s are so far back in the past, they don’t want them to be in the present where there are millions of people witnessing everything. What happened to all the saints and shit , what they just left and where like fuck this no more miracles and stoped fighting the devil. Also why are there so many religions? same reasons there are so many languages, that just how it happened for one reason or another it turned out like this. Why are Aztec and Greek religion dubbed as mythology? Both of these followings would say the same about Christianity and every other religion too. We live in a religion world where you are wrong unless you do what every one else is doing, at least that’s how it’s spread so far and maintained for so long. I know what religious people would say to this ,what if god really is real? what if we really are special ?what if the universe is impossible unless there’s a creator?.To be honest these are valid points but science as a whole makes me believe that it’s really not that deep that religion was first story’s that evolved into worship, later inspired power figures and then later was known to teach lessons. Also I would like to address that we see everything as a whole, when we think of a system we don’t realize that there are many parts to it, like individual mechanism that are unrelated but also related to the function of the whole machine metaphorically speaking. Next idea- what is science? The definition says it’s the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. I want you to understand science is not a group of thoughts it’s a action you take to find answers and create questions you didn’t know you needed to ask. Why is science looked at as a belief. Is 2+2=4 a belief, no. Not to mention a fact can be wrong and disproven a belief really can’t you can warp your reality to accommodate your own beliefs , you can’t do the same with hard solid facts that are correct now but may be disproven or more solidified by evidence. You don’t know your wrong until your wrong. I believe in science , it is not a cult where we want to take over the world and make up random shit because it not a following it’s just a method of finding answers. Notice how scientist find different answers and sometimes don’t agree, other times science experiments become obsolete due to natural and physical occurrences having trillions of factors that can alter the correct outcome to explain what is being studied. Another thought I have is it’s crazy how we will never know how other people think. On YouTube and Instagram there are skits that show things you should relate to and different types of people, the sad thing is you will ever only be a couple different types of people your whole life. To have a truly unrealistic perfect life you would have to have lived every humans life acquiring as much experience as humanly possible. 
Next idea!! It’s sad to think our parents will die and so will your friends and most importantly you will die. Many people think that death is what gives life reason but to me it actually removes importance from life. If you help people survive you are just prolonging their inevitable death. Why do I try to survive? I do this because I’m scared of death. Isn’t 1 second from the womb surviving so is 2 seconds. We try to live as long as possible, but why? All of our lives are worthless except for when your alive. You hold importance in your feelings and thoughts but when you are no longer able to do this 1 connection to the purpose of our life’s are lost. If you where the only human on earth would you be the most important human or the least? On one end your the last hope and the most unique individual of your species, the future depends on you. Now on the other end your by yourself, no one loves , no one knows you , no one cares about you because you are the only one. What ever you do doesn’t matter to every body else, because theres nobody to judge your importance only your own self, then you die and that’s that.
Now lets talk about reason, what If every thing I just said is wrong what if we are all wrong. Why should we care about the beginning of the universe or what happens to you when you die? Should we just leave all this shit alone, what do we gain from learning all these answers when one day you won’t even remember you existed. What if everything is simple and we make it complex, no matter how hard we thing about this stuff things will happen how they happen. Next idea- the future is not real. The past has happened, the present is happening and the future is what is going to happen, if it’s not there yet it’s not a thing until it happens. The concept is real but if you think about it the future from now will be the past later. I could say in 2 years the earth is going to orbit the sun 2 times but when this happens it will be the present and then the past, basically the future never happens. This whole essay I’m writing is really confusing even to me because I have the ideas in my head but I don’t know how to express them. Also misinterpretation is inevitable. Well these are my thoughts for right now, . :) 
P.s I do care about my life and all my loved ones because it matters to me while I’m still alive.
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2021.10.26 18:37 OnlyAnIdea21 It's been five years. I still think about this person everyday. Does it ever go away?

Back in college, I met someone really special. We instantly hit it off and I felt like the luckiest person in the world. We only dated for three months until I got dumped out of the blue for no particular reason. It was really painful for me, so I deleted them off social media and tried to move on with my life. We went our separate ways and never saw or spoke to each other again.
Five years later, I still think about them almost everyday. Something will remind me of them or a memory of us will pop into my head. I don't dwell on it but I'm not going to lie, it still makes me sad sometimes. It's scary how much of an impact that short relationship has had on my life. I haven't met anyone that special since then but I'm hopeful that I will one day.
Any words of wisdom? I was super sad today for some reason and just needed to post this. Thank you for being here!
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2021.10.26 18:37 acatherick ‘Rust’ Tragedy: Was an Inexperienced Producing Team to Blame?

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2021.10.26 18:37 ultrablackvisionary Extra ticket for yves tumor/ecco2k tonight

Message me if you want it:()
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2021.10.26 18:37 ShortAlgo 5-min chart of $CRN. Awaiting short Signal Check UltraAlgo here

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2021.10.26 18:37 Sea_Beat_8055 Anyone using the figures to do storyboarding/sequencing?

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2021.10.26 18:37 duckwalls Question

yo, i sipped some green the other day. i dont remember going to sleep so i assume i got high. but whats the real difference between green and red? why so many ppl dont fw green? is it cause its just not as good? just genuinely curious, it was my first time sipping anything . any answers help thanks
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2021.10.26 18:37 juggling-monkey If you had an available commercial unit in south LA (110/105) and all you had to pay was utilities, what type of business would make sense to put there?

I'm looking at buying property in Los Angeles for rentals (mostly houses), but have seen a few of properties I'm considering that have a home with a store front facing major streets (Broadway, Figueroa, etc) In a couple of cases it has 2 or 3. I'm making investments to retire and provide income for myself within the next 5 - 10 years.
After doing some math, I believe if I bought one of these properties, I would have monthly profit AND an empty store front. Which leaves me thinking...yeah I can rent it and make even more...but I can also just quit my job and start a business with little overhead and be ok if it fails. Initial thought is a laundromat or maybe put barber chairs and rent them out to have a barber shop...something along those lines where I dont have to spend all my time there. So based on the area I'm curious what type of services would work? any thoughts?
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2021.10.26 18:37 La_Guardia03 Do NOT wait until tomorrow 5AM when you see $PROG sky rocketing🚀 . BUY NOW YOU F APE!!!! This thing will take off tomorrow!!!!!

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2021.10.26 18:37 snaggleparty Tuning machines question

Why do Duo Sonic tuning machines seem to take up more real estate than those of a Jaguar (example)? I assume it's something about the bushings but I'm kind of a noob in this area. Is it possible to swap out the DS ones to make it look more like a Jag?
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2021.10.26 18:37 Beautiful_Bar7462 Why wouldn’t you hold BSC Pegged ETH if simply HODLing

Simple question for the wider community. If you are simply holding ETH for medium term growth is there a reason why you wouldn’t hold the Binance pegged version? More flexible staking pools, lower fees and faster day trading but no price differential. Or am I missing something?
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2021.10.26 18:37 ShortAlgo 5-min chart of $BLFS. Awaiting short Signal Check UltraAlgo here

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2021.10.26 18:37 Alkuam Found this lurking in my old imgur comments and it reminded me of somebody.

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2021.10.26 18:37 shockingupdate Thank you, mods!

Y’all have been working HARD. Thank you so much for re-enforcing the ground rules to focus on more strategy and less depravity. Before the refresh I loved coming to this sub to learn how to vet men and keep myself safe, but there were so many posts on general scrotery to slog through that even scrolling past them started to mess with my mental health. I know as mods you deal with a lot of bullshit, but you take the hit for us every single day. This is a beautiful community, I come here daily to chat and commiserate, and I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to making FDS as safe, helpful, inclusive, and welcoming for women as possible.
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2021.10.26 18:37 hey_200 Ending the Patriotism Debate - New Infrared Video

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2021.10.26 18:37 harshnerf_ttv_yt Cosmetics sbmm is taunting me at this point

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2021.10.26 18:37 ctcastro Need help regarding False dog claims and now dealing with getting dogs evicted this Saturday

So a month ago an accident happened where 3 of my dogs escaped the house and had to get the like 10 houses down. The people claimed they were getting attacked but my dogs are harmless and never attack other people. It was obvious they were scared and were dramatizing the whole thing. A couple weeks later we got animal control claims saying 3 different people were attacked with bite marks however they did not say anything when I went to get my dogs. They only screamed at me and said they have a baby but like they were holding a baby and could’ve gone easily inside the house.
Fast forward a couple days later the HOA calls for a meeting and at this meeting the HOA and the victims seemed like they were against me from the start. Scoffing at everything I had to say. The victims printed out pictures of gnarly photos that looked like a bear attacked them. However they didn’t even show off any scars or attempts going to the hospital.
We found out at this private meeting one of the HOA treasurers were recording this whole thing, we called him out and the president seemed embarrassed and told him to delete everything. We got up and left at how unprofessional everything was and they even had a lawyer with them. Now we have 4 days to evict our dogs from our house. So now currently getting a lawyer for this and appealing the claim. Anyone have any information on how else we should proceed with this? It’s obviously a set up and we even paid the find we got from animal control because this whole thing seems like a money grab from the victims
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2021.10.26 18:37 Desperate-Release-20 I feel shit

I’m finally meeting my best friend that I met on a friendship subreddit and it feels like it’s not making him feel any better. I feel like I’m never gonna make him feel good. I kinda don’t want to meet him because I’m so anxious. Gosh I hate this and hate me
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2021.10.26 18:37 DynastyPlanner [PS5][29/32] Gridiron Knights: Play Year-Round, Play with Integrity


We are currently in week 6 of season 1. Our league has the new scouting system.
Jump straight into our Discord chat and say you're interested. Follow this link to join now:
Check out our daddyleagues page for any questions you have about teams/rosters:
Other leagues have tedious and complicated rules dictating your play calling, from when in the game and where on the field you can go for it on 4th down, or call no huddle, or even how many points you're allowed to score. In the heat of a game it's very difficult to keep them straight. Ultimately, the reason other leagues create those complex rules is to stop guys from immature play calling, such as spamming the same play repeatedly. Our league discovered that the same guys spamming plays are also the guys who start petty insult exchanges in the chat. We focus on removing guys with immature behavior and poor sportsmanship, and by doing so we also removed the guys who are guilty of immature play calling. Consequently, we don't need a giant book of playcalling rules. We offer our members the convenience of a simple set of rules that allow you to call your own plays.
Our rules are so good they've been copied by multiple other leagues. Just remember, there's no substitute for the original!
1.1 ONSIDE KICKS/SQUIB KICKS/FAKE PUNTS - You are allowed to attempt onside kicks, squib kicks or fake punts as often as you like, as long as you do not have a 21 point or greater lead over your opponent. Real NFL teams occasionally try to surprise their opponents with an onside kick or fake punt, so it is allowed in this league. Attempting one of these types of kicks with a significant lead is considered poor sportsmanship.
1.2 NO HUDDLE OFFENSE - You are allowed to run a no huddle offense.
1.3 4th DOWN - You are allowed to go for it on 4th down at anytime in a game, including the 1st quarter. Real NFL coaches occasionally go for it on 4th down, so it is allowed in this league. However, if you are winning by 21 points or more you must punt or kick a field goal. Going for it on 4th down with a significant lead is considered poor sportsmanship.
1.4 BLOWOUT RULE - If you are winning by 21 points or more in the second half against another user do not continue to pass on every down or try to win by as big a margin as possible. Intentionally running up the score is considered poor sportsmanship.
1.5 STREAMING GAMES - You are not required to stream your game but may do so if you like.
1.6 RESTARTING GAMES - You are not allowed to restart a CPU game. Restarting a CPU game for any reason, including because you are losing or because a key player is injured, is considered cheating.
1.7 QUITTING GAMES - Quitting any type of game (user-vs-user or user-vs-CPU) is not allowed. Conceding a game is considered quitting.
1.7.1 DISCONNECTIONS - Occasionally, for reasons out of your control, you may be inadvertently disconnected from your game because of a loss of internet connection or an error with the PlayStation network. This should only occur very infrequently and will not be accepted as an excuse for quitting games if it happens frequently.
1.7.2 DEFAULT WINNER - If a disconnection occurs during a user-vs-user game where one of the users has a significant lead they may be declared the winner of the game by default. If you are winning by 21 points or more during the first half, 14 points or more during the 3rd quarter or 10 points or more during the 4th quarter you are considered the default winner. Default winners have their choice of 1) replaying the game against the CPU with their opponent set on auto 2) requesting that the commissioner simulate the game using the Sim-a-Win feature to force the default winner’s victory or 3) replaying their user opponent. If you replay your opponent, there is no guarantee you will win the replayed game.
1.8 REPORTING RULE BREAKING - If your opponent is breaking the rules you should record their infraction via the video capture/share feature of your PlayStation 4. Then you have two options:
1.8.1 CONTINUE THE GAME - You may continue the game. It is recommended that you message your opponent in the main chat and request that they stop breaking the rules (please be respectful). After the game you may submit the video showing your opponent breaking the rules to the commissioner. The commissioner will then decide if penalizing your opponent is appropriate.
1.8.2 EXIT THE GAME - You may quit the game, but you risk being penalized. If you quit the game then it is mandatory that you submit the video showing your opponent breaking the rules. The commissioner will review the video and rule either for or against you. OPPONENT FOUND GUILTY - If the commissioner rules in your favor you will have the option to replay the game with your opponent on auto or the commissioner will use the Sim-a-Win feature to ensure you win the game via simulation when the league advances. The commissioner will also decide the penalty for your opponent. OPPONENT FOUND NOT GUILTY - If the commissioner is unable to establish beyond reasonable doubt that your opponent broke the rules then you will be subject to a penalty for quitting the game.
1.8.3 REPORTING RESPONSIBILITY - Commissioners are not necessarily watching your game, so it is your responsibility to report it if another member of the league is violating the rules.
1.9 GLITCH PLAYS - EA Sports does well at continuously releasing patches to Madden that eliminate glitches in the game that when taken advantage of can give one player an unfair advantage. However, the commissioners may ban specific formation-play or even formation-play-hot route combinations if necessary.
1.9.1 GLITCH PLAY REPORTING - If your opponent is taking advantage of a glitch play that is giving them an unfair advantage, you should record the play via the video capture/share feature of your PlayStation 4 and share it with commissioners. Commissioners will decide if the play needs to be banned from the league.
1.9.2 BANNED PLAYS - A list of banned glitch plays will be documented in this section of the rules. An announcement will be made via the Discord app every time a banned play is added to this list.
1.9.3 REPORTING RESPONSIBILITY - Commissioners are not necessarily watching your game, so it is your responsibility to report it if another member of the league is using a glitch play.
1.10 PENALTIES FOR BREAKING THE INTRA-GAME RULES - Penalties for breaking any of the rules outlined above may include 1) being placed on auto for one or more weeks, 2) using Sim-a-Win to ensure your team loses a game or multiple games, 3) barring you from participating in signing free agents or the draft, 4) loss of draft picks or 5) removal from the league. Penalties will be decided by the commissioner on a case-by-case basis.
2.1 TRADE COMMITTEE PHILOSOPHY - The trade committee exists to ensure that user-to-CPU trades are reasonable. One of the primary objectives of the trade committee is the oversee trades that occur in the last few seasons before the next version of Madden is released where the CPU’s decisions don’t account for the limited remaining time.
2.2 TRADE COMMITTEE MEMBERS - Commissions will appoint 5 members of the trade committee.
2.3 CPU TRADES - User-to-CPU trades must be approved by a majority vote of the trade committee.
2.3.1 TRADE PROPOSALS - In order to be approved trades must be proposed in the Trade Committee section of the Discord application. Trade proposals must include basic information about the players, including player name, position, age and overall rating.
2.3.2 TRADE APPROVAL - A trade is approved only when at least 3 out of 5 of the trade committee approve. DEFAULT APPROVAL - If a trade committee member does not respond to a trade proposal within 12 hours that committee member’s vote on the trade is defaulted to an approval.
2.3.3 TRADE COMMITTEE EXCEPTIONS - The following user-to-CPU trades do not need trade committee approval. CPU PROPOSED TRADES - If the CPU proposes a trade to you then you may accept without trade committee approval. DRAFT PICK TRADES - Trading draft picks for draft picks (i.e. no players) does not need trade committee approval during stage 4 and stage 5 (the draft week) of the off-season. LAST SEASON EXCEPTION - If the commissioners have announced that the league is in its final season then users may not trade away their draft picks for the next season without trade committee approval. (For example: If the league is in season 2021 and it is the league’s final season then users may not trade 2022 draft picks without trade committee approval)
2.3.4 TRADE COMMITTEE MEMBER VOTING - Trade committee members cannot vote to approve their own trade. If a trade committee member has proposed a trade, they must get approval from 3 of the other 4 committee members.
2.4 USER-TO-USER TRADES - You are free to make user-to-user trades at will, no approval is required.
2.4.1 BYE WEEK TRADE DEADLINE EXCEPTION - Because the game will not allow a user-to-user trade if one user has played their game and the other user is on a bye week an exception to the week 9 trade deadline will be allowed for user-to-user trades that can be proven to have been agreed upon before the trade deadline and one user is on a bye week.
2.4.2 NEW MEMBER PROBATION - New members of the league will require all trades that they participate in be approved by the trade committee for their first two weeks (real world weeks, not Madden weeks).
2.5 PENALTIES FOR BREAKING TRADING RULES - Penalties for breaking any of the rules outlined above may include 1) barring you from participating in signing free agents or the draft, 2) loss of draft picks, 3) being forced to release players from your roster or 4) removal from the league. Penalties will be decided by the commissioner on a case-by-case basis.
3.1 PERSONAL CONDUCT - It is mandatory that you treat other users within the league with respect. Some good natured trash talking is allowed, but derogatory or offensive communications are unacceptable. Members who fill out the chat trading petty insults with each other will be removed from the league.
3.2 ADVANCE SCHEDULE - The league advances on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays around 9 am ET.
3.3 SCHEDULING GAMES - Each user is responsible for scheduling their game within the given time before the league’s advance. The league approved form of communication for scheduling games is the Discord app. When attempting to schedule a game with your opponent you must address them using the @ symbol and their Discord nickname. Some of our members don’t routinely follow the Discord chat and addressing them with the @ symbol will send them a notification.
3.3.1 OPPONENT NON-RESPONSE - If you have not heard back from your opponent after attempting to schedule for 24 hours, you may contact the commissioners and request your opponent be placed on auto so that you may play your game or receive a force win. There is no guarantee the commissioner will be available to place your opponent on auto if you wait to the last minute to make your request.
3.4 USER PARTICIPATION - Active participation in the league is mandatory. You are expected to play 3 games per week as a member of this league. Occasional absences are understandable, but frequent absences may lead to being removed from the league.
3.4.1 ABSENCES - If you know in advance that you will be unavailable to play a game, please put your team on auto and inform your opponent.
3.4.2 EXTENDED ABSENCES - If you will have an extended absence such as a vacation, please place your team on auto for the appropriate amount of time and inform the commissioner of your absence. Failure to inform the commissioners may result in you being removed from the league.
3.5 CPU GAMES FORCE WINS - Force wins against the CPU will be granted, however you must request a force win. Force win request should be made in the #ForceWinRequests channel on Discord. Direct requests to individual commissioners may be missed if a different commissioner advances the league.
3.6 CORE HOURS REQUIREMENT - All members of the league are expected to have some availability during core hours. Core hours are defined as being available between 5 pm to 10 pm ET Monday or Tuesday and being available between 5 pm to 10 pm ET Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and being available at some time on Saturday or Sunday. It’s not expected that members always play their games during these hours, but someone that is never available during these core hours will cause difficulties scheduling games and is not a good fit for this league.
3.7 ALL YEAR LEAGUE - This league will continue to play throughout the entire year. The league prefers that members are committed to playing all year long.
3.8 LEAVING THE LEAGUE - We wish the best to members who leave the league in good standing because they had other priorities in their life and could no longer honor the time commitment the league requires. However, it is unlikely that someone who quits the league will be allowed to return. This league is committed to remaining fun all year long and that becomes difficult in the later, summer months if retirements from the league are causing the remaining members to play numerous CPU games. We don't want to allow people who have a history of dropping out to return and take up spots for guys who might stay year round.
4.1 COACH OR OWNER - You must create a new coach. Using an owner or existing coach is not allowed.
4.2 SWITCHING TEAMS - You may only switch to a different team with commissioner approval. Approval is more likely to be given during the off-season.
4.3 TEAM RELOCATION - Team relocation is not allowed. Historically we’ve found that it is difficult to recruit new members to a team that has been relocated.
4.4 DIFFICULTY LEVEL - This league plays at the All-Madden difficulty level.
4.4.1 CPU BLOWOUTS - The commissioners may adjust CPU team artificial intelligence (AI) higher if CPU teams are consistently getting blown out by members of the league.
4.5 GAME MODE - Simulation Mode.
4.6 GAME DURATION SETTINGS - 8 minute quarters with 20 second accelerated clock.
5.1.1 POSITION CHANGES - You can not change a players position in order to resign them for a lower salary.
5.1.2 RELEASE AND RESIGN SAME WEEK RESIGNING RESTRICTION - If you release a player you can’t resign that player until the following week. SAME WEEK RESIGNING EXCEPTION - An exception may be granted by the commissioners if a player in accidentally released and is desired to be resigned immediately.
5.2.1 POSITION CHANGES ALLOWED - The following position changes are allowed:
5.2.2 POSITION CHANGE FREQUENCY - The number of times a player’s position can change is limited to prevent exploits in the game. Position changes for a player may only occur in 4 weeks out of each season. During each week, multiple changes are allowed. For example, during a week a defensive end may be changed to linebacker and then changed back within the same week.
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2021.10.26 18:37 Snoo_52008 Chilblains?

Hi everybody. I am just curious if this looks like chilblains. I have it on my toes too which aren’t as bad yet but I know they will catch up. My fingers are very bruised and tender on certain parts and they itch mostly at night.
I’ve had this too towards the end of winter this year and it lasted for weeks (4+) which was very bad. I checked online with a dermatologist and was told it must be Covid toes.
I am female, 5’1” and 100 lbs for context.
I’d appreciate any insight. Thank you.
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2021.10.26 18:37 AFruityLime While painting our new home, we got an unexpected visitor that wants to help paint the walls.

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2021.10.26 18:37 iDisc Add me. Need some more friends to send gifts to 663170068496

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2021.10.26 18:37 Foxs1872 Hello I got this sword a couple of years ago and I need help figuring out the time and origins behind it, I myself doubt it was made a while back

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