For the love of SCIENCE

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2021.10.26 19:25 Haikuuhuhuh For the love of SCIENCE

Do you have 3-5 minutes to spare?
Please help me by taking this short survey I designed for my Experimental Research course:
I only need a few more responses. Thank you in advance!
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2021.10.26 19:25 thatown2 Almond Flour Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuits

Almond Flour Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuits
•2 cups almond flour
•½ tsp baking powder
•1 tsp salt
•3 eggs
•1 tbsp heavy whipping cream
•3 tbsp butter
•2 tbsp cream cheese
•1 jalapeno
•½ cup cheddar cheese
Directions In a large bowl add all the dry ingredients almond flour, baking powder and salt. Wisk together to remove any lumps. Next add the wet ingredients mixed eggs, heavy whipping cream, melted butter, soften cream cheese and chopped jalapenos. Mix all together until all ingredients are combined. Next add in cheddar cheese and mix once more. Once combined on a lined baking sheet scoop out spoonful of the biscuit dough and place on baking tray. Place in a preheated oven at 350° for 15-20 mins. Enjoy.
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2021.10.26 19:25 calvindoyle15 labs always promising ,i pray i get selected .

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2021.10.26 19:25 Hemaka1 Poe1 ultimate challenge - possible to make facetank character?

Recently I tried tackling ultimate challenge in Poe1 with wild orlan chanter. Got killed by poison from druids in caliban rilag dungeon and my utter lack of attention. Tbh I found that dragon trashed build very boring and quite weak defensively even though I stacked deflection.
So the question is - is it possible to make stupid facetank character for PoE1 solo potd? Maybe paladin would work? Or melee wizard with all those selfbuffs?
I'm looking for something that won't get killed by my temporary lack of attention as I usually multitask while playing, and let's be honest, it's hard to stay focused going through the same game for the Nth time.
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2021.10.26 19:25 Tobi2310 smoking some luckies to get lucky in today game night against philadelphia

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2021.10.26 19:25 andydts1 In for 34k Jasmy....

What could go wrong!!
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2021.10.26 19:25 Real-Principle1972 Tyne & Wear Metro - Central Station | Newcastle | U.K. | 02/07/21

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2021.10.26 19:25 Slimjimpapicholo New to snake diey

Hello , im new to the snake diet and tried to complete a 72 hour fast yesterday , i ended up breaking after 27 hours which is still pretty good for me because i haven't fasted this long in my life.
Im giving it another go and aiming for 72 hours again because i am 6'1 350lbs and need to shed a shit load of fat before i die of a heart attack lol
Im going to purchase some snake juice sachets and wondering how often should i drink a sachet ? Once a day or once every few days.
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2021.10.26 19:25 ELITEMGMIAMI DA claims former Barry Morphew prosecutor was previously fired for incompetence, but some former employees say otherwise

The former top prosecutor in the high-profile murder case against a southwest Colorado man was fired from his previous position in Colorado Springs because the incoming district attorney believed he could not “competently perform” his duties, according to legal documents.
“Mr. Lindsey’s employment with the District Attorney’s Office ended because the district attorney lacks confidence in Mr. Lindsey to competently perform the duties of a chief deputy district attorney based upon his years of experience working, and trying cases, with Mr. Lindsey and input from others in the District Attorney’s Office and elsewhere who have had similar experiences,” El Paso County Attorney Nathan Whitney wrote in a letter to Lindsey's lawyer on behalf of the DA's office.
The DA's office agreed to pay Lindsey $10,000 to settle the dispute brought by Lindsey, who was attempting to avoid a lawsuit. The DA's office in the agreement denied any wrongdoing and said it entered into the agreement for "for the sole purpose" of avoiding taxpayer-funded litigation costs that it said would likely exceed the cost of the settlement…
"I think what's more surprising is why (former DA) Dan May didn't fire him sooner," said Katy Kinney, a former deputy district attorney whom Lindsey supervised. "He's one of the worst bosses I've ever had in my life."
The article goes on to say that other county employees disagree.
Lindsey did not respond to multiple requests for comment.
“I really liked working for him," said Steve Prager, a former prosecutor who worked in county court. "I thought he was a very supportive boss. I learned a lot from him."
He was surprised when Lindsey was let go, he said, but noted that Allen is "entitled to his own leadership team."
Colton Craft, another former prosecutor, was also mentored by Lindsey.
“I thought he was a great leader, a great mentor, and I thought the new administration that took over for him to be the exact same thing," Craft said. "They were great mentors and great leaders.”
But other employees were less impressed by his leadership, believing that his tenure was far too long.
Please read the full article because portions were left out due to the formatting of the article. Link below.
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2021.10.26 19:25 April_2X let’s get a hotel room for the night

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2021.10.26 19:25 Astroleak Know how to use porn to avoid permanent erectile dysfunction

First, I want to make clear I'm not against porn, this is only a "guide" on how to use porn correctly.
So, Basicaclly, don't watch porn for more than a 4 hours while edging/masterbating. If you do, the following will happen to you :

  1. Burning sensation at the tip of the penis after ejaculating (1st warning sign)
  2. Skin changes on your penis (2nd warning sign), if you continue this habit, the skin changes will increase in size (3rd warning sign).
  3. If you don't stop, then the next time you do it you will get permanent erctile dysfunction (psychologically, it's extremely devastating experience).
• The main reason why i wrote this post is not to "TELL" you that information (that an erection for more than 4 hours can lead to erctile dysfunction, most people know that already), the real reason i wrote the post is to make you "BELIEVE" it (because only knowing that fact did not stop me from making this grave mistake). • I continued using porn for more than 4 hours, and after a couple of times i got a permanent erectile dysfunction, all while i was still in my late 20s (i have seen many doctors, im sure about this). • Permenant erectile dysfunction can destroy your happyness, your career, your relationship/family, and will lead you to seriously contemplate suicide.
Side Note : This process has 2 ways, either ::
  1. Watching porn the wrong way (see below for solutions)
  2. Trying to quit porn the wrong way (see below for solutions)
1- By watching porn :-
You watch porn
You watch for a long time
You watch for even longer time
You cross the 4 hour limit
((Avoid by believing 100% that even one mistake could cause permanent erctile dysfunction, Also by setting 1 hour session limit for porn, and taking 4 hours rest between sessions))
2- By trying to quit porn/masterbation :-
Trying to quit porn
Starting to slowly drift back to watching porn
You set 'ejaculating/orgasming' as the failure point/cutoff
You try to delay ejaculating to avoid failure
You take longer time watching
You cross the 4 hours limit
((Avoid by not counting ejaculating as the only failure sign, Also stop trying to quit porn if it can cause you permanent erectile dysfunction)).
Bonus warning (Heart problems) :
I hope you learned something from my experience....
Goodbye & Goodluck The End
There's 2 versions : - Short version, here. - Long version (badly edited, i tried to edit it many times, but it still messy) • Although i consider long version too long to read, i'll upload it later if this short version wasn't enough.
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2021.10.26 19:25 oldsoul8789 Nicky Scarfo and Spike DiGregorio

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2021.10.26 19:25 omarlittlejunior Braless. Hard nipples 🥵🥵🥵

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2021.10.26 19:25 haiksbx How can I cheer up my mother

My mother and I work at the same place. She’s working there full time and I’m a call in. Today we went in for a meeting and also to play a game related to new products we are getting in order to get a better understanding of the products.
The manager told us that in order for us to go home and be done for the day is if we get maximum 4 point stars on each task. Some people used more time than others because honestly some of the questions are a bit difficult. My mother and another girl used a really long time and my mother was the last one to finish.
When we got home I could see that something was bothering her so I asked her what was wrong. She said that she felt embarrassed that she used such a long time and was the last one to finish considering she’s been working there for almost 5 years. I’ve played this game once before and it’s difficult and so much that may seem the same but really isn’t.
I feel really bad because I don’t want her to feel any less of her self just because she used a longer time. But I could see that it really bothered her. I can understand that she felt embarrassed but I didn’t think about it like that until she told me when we got home. She’s usually the one to help me with the games from work because they are a bit difficult. But this time it was a bunch of people in a room playing the same game and you could feel the pressure of getting it done faster.
One girl even did one or two of the tasks for another one so they could finish at the same time and go home.
I don’t know what to say to make her feel better. Does anyone have any advice?
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2021.10.26 19:25 Gile1337 I NEED HELP! Im playing fifa 20 and i started a player career mode. I made my own player but i have 80 rating overall. In the past i played player career mode and i had a normal ratings. I don't know why i have 80 rating suddenly when i just started.

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2021.10.26 19:25 SKTT1Cryptur Had to update my Tinder 😔

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2021.10.26 19:25 gabedogga Gigi Metric?

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2021.10.26 19:25 RealAnthonyCamp Boy, 4, With No Pulse, 'Turning Blue' Saved By Hero Officers: PD

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2021.10.26 19:25 bananaPeelerPro General question about filling tires

Just filled tires on my Corolla the first time by myself. It felt great. However, I will be switching to winter tires soon. Should I fill the same amount of pressure in winter tire as 4 seasons? I only see one set of numbers on the stickers on the side of my door.
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2021.10.26 19:25 Shademaster24601 The Horror...It Feels Good.

I discovered that, when apply the Sand Walk emote to the Batman Who Laughs, it becomes the most terrifying thing. I set it up, landed, saw somebody coming in the distance, so I did the emote. Just menacingly shuffling towards them without rhythm, they were shooting at me with a pump, and missed like every shot, and then, when they stopped to reload, I ripped them apart with melee.
I will never feel that invincible again.
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2021.10.26 19:25 AFliXTioN [PS5] W: Pure bladestone H: Mule and a tonne of bladestone shard and some chunks

Ive farmed this for like 3 hours now, im sick of it, is there a kind soul to help me out
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2021.10.26 19:25 gurjsandha Friends need. I open and send gifts daily 8257 1712 9337

Let’s get that XP and level up!!
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2021.10.26 19:25 aeronacht Doggo is a hydrohomie

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2021.10.26 19:25 RXDude89 JMU leaving for Sunbelt; CAA restructuring

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2021.10.26 19:25 elytronnn One specific knife epic blueprint is placed under Basic Melee instead of Knife.

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