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عودة عبد الله حمدوك إلى منزله وسط تعزيزات أمنية

2021.10.26 18:53 watan592 عودة عبد الله حمدوك إلى منزله وسط تعزيزات أمنية

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2021.10.26 18:53 Top-Sorbet3758 Group Invite Nudezzzx

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2021.10.26 18:53 SlicedBlueApple Mamanco fuma engarsado valeu ednaldo pedreira

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2021.10.26 18:53 JNMLaw2022 Explaining poor grades in Big Law interview?

So im a 3L and I have a callback interview with a big firm coming up. My grades are basically a C+ for 1L fall, pass for 1L spring (covid changed grading policies to pass/fail), A- for 2L fall, and A- for 2L spring. Ive only done public interest summer work and this is my first time interviewing with a firm. How would you explain poor grades your first semester in law school?
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2021.10.26 18:53 theaterkid144 easy elective classes with no tests/final?

hi y'all, does anyone know any easy filler classes that have take-home essays instead of midterms or finals? I hate tests but would rather do papers and I need an extra class for my last semester.
but honestly any suggestions for an easy filler class would be fine thank you :)
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2021.10.26 18:53 tyeisthename Twitch

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2021.10.26 18:53 XtRabo2 H: classic Jacko lantern, grim reaper, half full pumpkin plans W: vault-tec Jacko plan 1:1

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2021.10.26 18:53 Parakz What is your go-to socket in shako?

View Poll
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2021.10.26 18:53 faultierin This is what you get if you act „low maintance”. You are worth less than a good PC setup

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2021.10.26 18:53 All-that-matters-864 I am the worst meal prepper

I cannot seem to eat the meals I prep. I’m have terrible eating habits and I tend to either find myself snacking or skipping meals all together. I know my metabolism is probably a mess because of my inconsistent eating habits. Any tips on how to eat consistently? Otherwise my meal preps I made to last a week will sit in the fridge for two-three weeks and end up in the trash.
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2021.10.26 18:53 frankibanga Don’t rush from your children

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2021.10.26 18:53 PsychologicalSlice31 I Want To Quit My Job So Bad

So I’ve been working at a bar for a few months and it sucks, the money is alright but there is some parts about the job I am not digging. So for starters my manager is very weird, he does not vibe with me even though he seems to get along with everyone else fine and same with me, it’s like we just don’t like each other. I work the mundane task and get treated like shit sometimes. So I am on schedule from 7p.m till 2a.m but that’s when we start cleaning, it takes us up to 4 hours some days and on average we get out of the bar around 4 a.m. the worst parts is that I get the lowest cut (because I work a door) but I do the most cleaning and I don’t get paid my hourly for the hours I clean. Is that even legal? So to be clear I only get paid my hourly till 2 am and then I lean for 2/4 hours for free. I feel like that’s not right especially since I come in there and bust my ass and at the end of the night I get bitched at the most to do more and more and yet I get so little in tip outs it’s laughable compared to the bartenders who barely clean at the end. Maybe some restocking and then cleaning glasses. I just am not liking the vibe anymore and I’m unsure of what to do, and any advice would be appreciated. Should I stick with it or look for something else and is the cleaning without being paid legal? Thanks!
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2021.10.26 18:53 NagoyaAsuka Pressured to join Rodan & Fields

A bit off topic, but I wish it was discussed more in general.
I was one of those kids who almost got suckered into the Vector Marketing scam when I graduated high school in the US.
More recently, somebody in my family back in the US has pressured me to join Rodan & Fields since they expanded to Japan.
Even worse, they were pressuring me in to join mid-pandemic when I already experienced job loss and was the social distancing queen. I hardly know or talk to anybody. I know I’d have to shell out a few hundred dollars for my “starter kit”. It would also complicate my income tax situation.
Also, I live in the country where skincare is essential. People in other countries pay top dollar for shit I can buy at the drugstore. I also don’t make much money and buy all my stuff at the drugstore. My family’s excuse was “the line of products will be unique and specially formulated for the Japanese market”. Yeah, right. 🙄
Part of the reason Chinese tourists buy drugstore products in masses when visiting Japan. They sell it for more money upon returning home and people are willing to pay.
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2021.10.26 18:53 Beavis-3682 Market and 2023

So here is an honest question. In the US at least there is the federal mandate on December 8th that effects alot of contractors and employees and now the possible OSHA mandate coming soon after. A lot of people will be losing their jobs and in return companies will start to show hurt. And we aren't talking thousands we are talking hundreds of thousand if not millions. By proxy companies will not be able to man their projects and then not meet goals. What effect does everyone think it is going to have on the market when this happens in 2023?
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2021.10.26 18:53 Retroblivion_ The Satanic Rites Of Dracula (1973) | First Time Watching & Review | Retro-Ween!

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2021.10.26 18:53 CapnZack53 BuffBrew

Do they sell bottles or cans in stores? My aunt goes to Houston frequently (I live in Louisiana) and sometimes, offers to get me beer we don't have here. There are some by Buffalo I'd like to try, but I don't know if they sell in stores or not.
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2021.10.26 18:53 Empty_Two_2999 Sheen Savage on tik tok

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2021.10.26 18:53 SnooChipmunks122 USB Devices Survey

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2021.10.26 18:53 Joaquito_99 VRCover making me sweat in the contact zone

So yeah, wherever the cover makes contact with my skin, after half an hour of playing RE4 VR I sweat there, but I don't sweat anywhere else. I'm not saying this problem is exclusive to the VRCover, maybe this is inherent to anything making prolonged contact with the skin. Now, it'd be a shame If it can't be helped since VRCover is supposed to be comfortable enough to be pressed a bit more into the face as to keep some FOV. But I'll take your advice
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2021.10.26 18:53 radeongt Post 1 still waiting on BSG to refund me or do something about the cheaters

Still waiting on BSG to refund me or take care of the cheating plague that they refuse to acknowledge or do anything about. I have ran into 9 hackers in 30 raids. Refuse to play until this problem is resolved and have told everyone I could not to play this game.
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2021.10.26 18:53 GER_3spectre ELI5: Why does half a chicken wing count as a whole wing?

Growing up, I only got whole wings, so in high school I was ins and when I get to BWW and I only got half a wing. Why does this happen!
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2021.10.26 18:53 thedoubledimplekid 2nd time watching…. Do people watch the show annually?

My mum and I watched the whole series and film for the first time during lockdown and we decided to do it again this year…… I think it’s gonna become an annual watch 🙈
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2021.10.26 18:53 sillylittlerooster rant

So i’m a pharmacy tech and our store is extremely understaffed like every other. I was helping drive thru and this lady came up, her medicine wasn’t ready, i explained to her that there’s only two technicians, me doing drive and another girl doing out window, she blatantly tells me, “that’s not my problem” i told her that there’s other people behind her and i need to help them, but she refused to move. i then asked the other tech to ask her to move because she didn’t listen to me. she wouldn’t move. the (floater) pharmacist told us to call the manager. we did. he ended up yelling at us and telling us that we’re stressing him out, etc. he left. the lady comes in and complains to him personally and was saying how we were laughing at her and making fun of her condition(she was picking up her moms prescription so i don’t even know what her “condition is). she came to the pharmacy as i was leaving and she was telling my mom who i was walking with that i was laughing at her and blaming me for that. i get to the office to clock out and apologize to the manager, i thought she would listen to him and she would move. needless to say i want to quit but i feel bad if i leave everyone else. help please
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2021.10.26 18:53 matt_gannon_ New Episode Discussion. 287- Jerry Hairston Jr. & World Series Preview

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2021.10.26 18:53 VirdRenegade Slimecicle Stickies Stock 👻 🎃

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